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the fluid project

We believe our community will be stronger and more resilient when we work together than if we try to do it alone. Sponsored by Future Kind's R.E.N.O. program, the FLUID Project catalyzes collaboration and raises awareness about plastic, water, and community through participatory art. We demonstrate the circularity potential of plastic by turning the art and public plastic donations into a bench for Nevada Cares Campus Safe Camp. and other public parks or places in need.

The art installation was created by Sharon, Zoe, and Adrienne of Human Innerface. Community participation and collaboration is coordinated by Ecolution Studio. Several community collaborators have joined to help provide educational resources and support, enhancing the educational components of the FLUID installation. Raising community awareness through art is the first step, the FLUID project brings that awareness into collaborative action through continued coordination and community development. In partnership, we have launched a community wide plastic film collection. The plastic will be up-cycled by NexTrex to create a bench for the new Nevada Cares Campus Safe Camp demonstrating new ways to think about our waste. We will continue to collect plastic film for benches to donate to public parks and other areas of need. We have public drop locations across Reno. If you are interested in hosting a collection site or volunteering to help please contact

Current collection sites for public plastic drops:


Support impact art and sustainable community coordination to upcycle plastic by donating funds to the Future Kind FLUID project and help keep plastic out of our watershed. Be sure to note your donation is for FLUID.


Sponsor a bin, host a collection site, or host a FLUID event. By sponsoring a bin you help cover the cost of coordination and collection as well as promotion that your community or business are helping keep our watershed plastic free. Contact for more details.


Contact us to volunteer for the FLUID project, host a collection site, or have ideas for an art installation location. Share the fun on social media #thefluidproject


Bring your plastic to any of our other collection sites:

  • Soul Spa

  • Melting Pot

  • Hopes Clinic

  • Black Rabbit Mead


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